JOURNAL, BLOG: Urban History Multimedia

The Editors of _Urban History_ (Cambridge University Press, Cambridge Journals Online), are pleased to announced the launch of Urban History Multimedia, a website and blog to support scholars interested in publishing born-digital multimedia and interactive scholarship, using maps, graphics, video, and other media. Please visit: http://urbanhistorymultimedia.** To access recent multimedia publications, how-to’s learn about […]

Blog: The Urban Current is the blog of the German Marshall Fund’s Urban and Regional Policy program, which fosters exchange on innovative policy strategies and shared challenges between urban and regional policymakers in the United States and Europe. Denis Bocquet Director, Institut français, Dresden

Blog: PopupCity The Pop-Up City is a project in which we will explore new concepts, strategies and methods for a dynamic and flexible interpretation of contemporary urban life. More than ever societies are strongly linked to global developments that have a substantial influence on the local scale. Changes take place continuously with more and more acceleration. […]

MEDIA: Documenting Livable Streets Worldwide About Streetfilms Streetfilms produces short films that show how smart transportation design and policy can result in better places to live, work and play. We package complicated and wonky concepts into easy to understand and accessible videos which are freely available online.  Our nearly 350 videos have been viewed over 3.5 million times and […]

Blog: Kritische Geographie Was ist RaGeo? RaGeo ist eine Blog- Initiative zur Förderung und Verbreitung von kritischen, emanzipatorischen und progressiven Ansätzen innerhalb der wissenschaftlichen Disziplin Geographie. Weiter dient RaGeo als offene Plattform zur Bereitstellung kritischer Arbeiten, Ankündigungen von Veranstaltungen, Veröffentlichung von Diskussionsbeiträgen, aufschalten interessanter Artikel etc. Die Plattform soll den Austausch kritischer GeographInnen und interessierter Personen anderer […]

Blogcloud Urbanistikae URBANISTIKA.EE is a cloud of blogs that debate different areas dealing with urban issues. Its aim is to become an open discussion agora for all who are interested in cities and their future, while dealing with subjects such as urban planning, architecture, activism, urban studies, writings about cities, neighbourhood analyses and specific cities, as […]

AK Kritische Geographie Geographie mal anders Die Suche nach emanzipatorischer Theorie und Praxis1 Die Geschichte der deutschen Geographie und ihrer Etablierung an Hochschulen und Schulen war eng mit staatlichen und wirtschaftlichen Interessen verbunden. Die Geographie zielte nicht nur auf wissenschaftlichem Erkenntnis- und Forschungsdrang, sondern war auch auf die Erziehung zum heimatliebenden Deutschen, auf die Erkundung ferner Territorien, […]