Blogcloud Urbanistikae

URBANISTIKA.EE is a cloud of blogs that debate different areas dealing with urban issues. Its aim is to become an open discussion agora for all who are interested in cities and their future, while dealing with subjects such as urban planning, architecture, activism, urban studies, writings about cities, neighbourhood analyses and specific cities, as well as events that happen regarding these themes.

We are based in Tallinn, Estonia, acting as a local internet-based forum for action, research and dialogue within the city of Tallinn, joining all sectors possible. Beyond locality, we try to enrich the experience of cities around the globe and open the windows to the outside world. Our goal is to provoke discussion and work towards more intelligent planning and better urban life. As support, provides a publication channel for articles, projects and thesis works.

Some of the main concerns of this website are:

  • Debate
  • Consultation
  • Exchange
  • Contact platform
  • Constant communication

The core group behind the project consists of students, alumnae and teachers of the Urban Studies MA in the Estonian Academy of Arts.