Darmstadt University

Urban Studies (MSc)


The urban studies program at Darmstadt university was launched in April 2007. It offers a number of different study opportunities to prepare the participants to meet the new challenges resulting from advancing globalization and the need for participatory governance, poverty reduction and interdisciplinary networking. The courses are innovative through its modular structure and its faculty composed of the best experts and academics available worldwide.

The umbrella of the different course options is the 2-years master’s course  ‘International Cooperation and Urban Development’  which awards an advanced diploma. Students who are not available for the full period may obtain a diploma certificate after one year, or a specialization certificate for individual modules that take one or two weeks.

Further postgraduate options include a PhD diploma and tailor made training courses in the field of urban development planning and housing.

The MSc. course starts every year in October.  Applications are being accepted any time  until June, 15th of the same year.  In order to be considered in the first selection round, applications should arrive before 1st of December of the year before. For extension of the deadline  please contact  Mrs. Lauren Hammond. Please note that the German Embassy requests a pre-selection procedure in some countries  (i.e. in Vietnam, China)  for which the deadline is in May. Interested persons may either make use of the application form contained in this web site or write to  PAR.

From October 2009 onwards, this Masters course will simultaneously be taught at the Vietnamese-German University in Saigon (VGU). This makes it possible for students from the Darmstadt course to attend the same classes in Vietnam for one semester or less.

Since 2008, ‘International Cooperation and Urban Development’ is part of the ERASMUS MUNDUS program – the Higher Education program of excellency of the European Commission. For details see www.mundus-urbano.eu. This programme combines the Darmstadt ‘urban-studies’ program with different specialization options in Rome, Barcelona or Grenoble and grants a double degree at the end of the two years course.

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