Study Program: MSc Urban Studies, University College London


Cities are now a critical focus for research, policy-making and public debate. More than half the global population now lives in cities and according to the United Nations this number is set to rise to three-quarters by the year 2050.

The scale and complexity of these developments necessitate the development of innovative and interdisciplinary modes of analysis that can address critical challenges and influence debates both within and outside the academy.  These issues range from emerging conceptions of urban design to large-scale challenges such as slums, poverty and access to basic services.  Cities are now at the maelstrom of social change reflected in new conceptions of identity, collective memory and the technological transformations of everyday life.  By taking this MSc you will be better able to understand these debates and apply your own knowledge in the course of your career – whether this is geared towards further research and writing or through an enriched practical and professional contribution to the urban arena.

Course convenors: Professor Matthew Gandy and Professor Nick Phelps

Download the MSc course brochure (PDF 154kb)