Panel search: RACE/ETHNICITY SECTION Histories of Capitalism Social Science History Association (SSHA) Vancouver, Canada 01.-04.11.12 Deadline: 1 March, 2012


Histories of Capitalism
Social Science History Association (SSHA)
Vancouver, Canada
1-4 November, 2012

Deadline: 1 March, 2012

The race/ethnicity section of the SSHA is hoping to put together a number
of sessions related to the conference site that were discussed at the
planning meeting:

– Indigenous Communities, Land Rights and Natural Resources;
– The Rise and Decline of Multiculturalism and/or Cosmopolitanism;
– Race and Collective Violence;
– Anti-Asian Discrimination and Asian Integration on the West Coast;
– The Underground Railroad;
– Racialized Immigration Policy;
– Bilingualism and Racialized Language Struggles;
– Conflicts and Contradictions in Anglo-French Conceptions of Race;
– Multiracial Identities and Racial Boundaries in Historical Perspective;
– Legacies of Slavery and Colonialism in Contemporary America;
– Race and Capitalism;
– Race and Eugenics.

You are welcome to submit papers regarding any of these topics, or on a
topic relating to your own research. If you are interested in putting
together an entire session, let us know and we would be happy to provide
you with details as to how to do this. Feel free to forward this call
widely, particularly to graduate students (there is funding available for
graduate students to travel to the conference which can be found at ).

Our main goal is to structure sessions so that they explicitly draw on an
interdisciplinary group of scholars who hail from different institutions.
The deadline for submission of abstracts is March 1 2011. Note, all SSHA
requires at this point is an abstract. You can find more information at: , including the official call for papers.

We also had three wonderful Author Meets Critics panels at the 2011 session
and are looking to “recreate the magic” this year in Vancouver. So if you
have read any great books that you would like to seen discussed and meet
the author, please let us know. Or if you would just like to volunteer to
be a critic for books to be decided within the next month, please let us

Melissa F. Weiner
Assistant Professor of Sociology
College of the Holy Cross