CfP for Journal of Urbanism THE FUTURE OF SINGLE-FAMILY DETACHED HOUSING; Deadline: 1 June 2012


Journal of Urbanism

Deadline: 1 June, 2012

What is the role of single-family detached housing in sustainable cities?
Many are now predicting that single-family housing, especially at the
periphery of major cities, is destined to become the future slum. But
should we give up on single-family housing as a viable urban form? Given
its popularity and sheer ubiquity, shouldn’t single-family detached housing
find its place in the future course of sustainable urbanism? Under what
conditions might the single-family detached house be an important part of
the sustainable city? The dichotomy between the idealization and the
disrepute of single-family housing demonstrates the need to clarify its
role in the contemporary metropolitan city.

This special issue will move the discussion beyond debates over the
non-sustainability of single-family detached housing toward a focus on
innovative solutions. We view the non-sustainability of vast expanses of
single-use, single-family detached housing as a settled question: such
areas are highly problematic. The more pertinent question is what can be
done to improve the sustainability of this urban form? What are the pros
and cons of alternative solutions?

We seek scholarly research papers, both quantitative and qualitative, that
bring together core literature and empirical research on innovation in
single-family housing and how it can move toward sustainability. Possible
paper topics include:

* Single-family housing as a setting for localized food production;
* Issues of spatial scale: single-family housing in small doses;
* Diversifying single-family housing with multiple functions and house
* Selective demolition and triage;
* Housing transformation and succession;
* What are the potential harms of too little single-family detached
housing and too much density?
* How successful are attempts to produce a mix of house types, including
single-family houses in a diversified multi-functional development?
* An analysis of different types and densities of single-family housing;
* Contiguity and linkage issues: single-family housing and what surrounds
* Sustainability differences based on spatial location (single-family
detached housing in inner-ring vs. outer-ring suburbs);
* The changing relationship between single family housing and
socioeconomic status;
* Single family housing as heritage in the inner parts of cities;
* Diversifying economic activities and improving social cohesion through
single family housing densification.

We are seeking an international perspective, and thus welcome scholarly
research papers that focus on any global context.

Submit your paper to the _Journal of Urbanism_ at
by June 1, 2012. On page 5 of the
submission process, on the “Details and comments” page, check “yes” under
“Is the manuscript a candidate for a special issue?” In the box, enter
“Future of Single-Family Detached Housing” as the special issue title.

Matthew Hardy
Senior Lecturer in Architecture & Urbanism
The Prince’s Foundation for the Built Environment