CONF: 22. INURA Annual Conference. Tallinn, Estonia. 17.-20.06.12.


22nd International Network of Urban Research and Action (INURA)
Tallinn, Estonia
17-20 June, 2012

Registration will be open until May 1st 2012

Following the tradition of INURA meetings the conference is focused on
critically discussing contemporary urban developments through
presentations, panel sessions, exciting urban field trips, and more.

This year’s conference is titled „Active Urbanism“. Cities throughout the
world have been characterised by various forms of urban activism. This
well-known established phenomenon is being reshaped by novel practices in
the recent time. Some of the novel practices might be driven by fun and
enjoyment where the wider political and social implications are not
explicit. Tallinn as a city in the urban global network has not been
excluded from these developments. During the last two decades various
interest groups have emerged around diverse issues. This raises questions
how the Tallinn case can be compared to developments in other cities. This
and other concerns of urban activism will be discussed in the INURA

We therefore invite participants of the conference to exchange experiences
and theories about urban activism and see if the outcomes inform a new
“Active Urbanism”.

The conference welcomes researchers, activists, government officials and
interested people. More information on the website:

Looking forward to seeing you all in Tallinn,

The INURA Tallinn team & Linnalabor

General enquires and contact:

Andreas Wagner