WS SEM: summerLab 2012, The Bartlett Development Planning Unit. Bucharest | Fuzzy Urbanisms, Zurich | Liminal Contours, Rome | Occupation City. First deadline: 11.06.2012

summerLab 2012
The Development Planning Unit, UCL is proud to announce the launch of its summerLab 2012 series coordinated by Dr. Camillo Boano, William Hunter, Anna Schulenburg and Giorgio Talocci. The workshop dates are:
Bucharest | Fuzzy Urbanisms  23 – 28 July
Zurich | Liminal Contours 6 – 11 August
Rome | Occupation City 10 – 15 September

DPU summerLab seeks to establish a unique rotating platform for in situ immersion and experimentation in urban environments where the boundaries of spatial agency are actively tested, hinging upon critical analysis and spatial knowledge development targeting undergraduate and graduate students as well as emerging professionals in design, architecture and planning. The workshops offer a vital testing ground for the resolution of spatial interventions with local socio-economic trends alongside embedded political contexts.

For more information and to apply please visit or contact Anna Schulenburg