JOURNAL, CfA Articulo – Journal of Urban Research, Briefings section

Call for Briefings

_Articulo – Journal of Urban Research_ ( seeks submissions for the inaugural volume of its Briefings section.

_Articulo_ is a peer-reviewed online journal devoted to the exploration of urban issues through the lens of a wide range of social science approaches. The Journal embraces a multidisciplinary perspective on the transformation of social, environmental and economic issues of cities and city regions.

The Briefings section of the journal presents short, topical and informative texts about current developments in urban and regional research, policy and advocacy. The maximum length for Briefings is 2000-3000 words. We encourage submissions from both academics and practitioners on urban issues in cities around the world. These briefings are meant to inform readers about recent and significant developments in the field of urban studies/urban history; to raise interesting questions; and to provoke debate.

Some advantages to publishing in _Articulo_:

  • FAST TURN-AROUND TIMES for peer review – typically less than 2 months from paper submission to decision
  • Free access to the journal ensures that your RESEARCH IS WIDELY ACCESSIBLE to academics as well as those in policy fields without institutional subscriptions
  • Your publications will reach an INTERNATIONAL AUDIENCE in a wide variety of fields.

The short format of a Briefing is ideal to submit:

SUMMARIES OF WORK IN PROGRESS: Often researchers have single case studies of scholarly interest that are difficult to publish in longer formats; interesting findings from projects that don’t fit into other manuscripts; analysis of small segments of data of policy interest; or surveys of areas of research ripe for further analysis. This short format is an ideal medium to publish and get feedback on these academically interesting pieces of research.

: Larger research projects can be publicized with a short article summarizing their main findings. This can serve as a vanguard to forthcoming longer format publications and be a useful to circulate to stakeholders, news agencies and funding agencies as part of project dissemination.

GRADUATE STUDENT PAPERS/PROJECTS: The submission of outstanding graduate student papers that fulfill length requirements is encouraged. Articulo aims to be at the forefront of new research and is very supportive of emerging scholars.

Submissions for the 2013 volume will be accepted by e-mail at any time before August 2013. Please feel free to contact the Briefings Editor Dr. Jen Nelles with any questions about the suitability of submissions or procedures. Manuscripts should be submitted to Dr Jen Nelles directly by e-mail at Please indicate “Articulo Briefing Submission” in your email subject line. Briefings submissions will be peer reviewed by at least two independent experts.

Jen Nelles
Adjunct Assistant Professor
Urban Affairs and Planning
Hunter College CUNY