CfP: Walking in the City: Quotidian Mobility and Ethnographic Method, Deadline: 01. April 2012

Edited by Timothy Shortell, Ph.D., and Evrick Brown, Ph.D. Department of Sociology, Brooklyn College CUNY Deadline: 1 April, 2012 Local politicians, protesters, busy commuters, tourists, flâneurs, urban ethnographers. These social actors and many more work the city streets as an essential part of their quotidian routines. Everyday mobility on the streets and public spaces of […]

CFP: International Journal of Islamic Architecture (IJIA) Streets of Protest: The Politics of Public Space Deadline: 15.03.12

From: Aysenur Ipek Türeli _International Journal of Islamic Architecture (IJIA)_ Thematic volume planned for January 2013 Streets of Protest: The Politics of Public Space Deadline for submissions: 15 March 2012,id=204/ The diverse ways individuals and groups contest and remake public space is of interest to the field of architecture, especially at this moment of […]