3. European Urban Summer School “Times of scarcity: reclaiming the possibility of making”, 21.-30.09.2012. University of Westminster, London, UK. Deadline: 31.05.12

European Urban Summer School 2012 – University of Westminster
Link to homepage: http://www.scibe.eu/euss/886/

Times of scarcity: reclaiming the possibility of making

Globalisation, climate change, resource depletion and financial crises are the prevailing – and often crippling – conditions which shape our immediate professional and academic lives and longer-term futures. In our times of rapid change, young planners, architects and designers must develop and adopt new and more holistic approaches to planning and design in order to engage in a meaningful manner with an increasingly urban world and to propose creative interventions that go beyond the immediately physical.

The 3rd European Urban Summer School (EUSS) is a joint project of AESOP / ECTP-CEU / IFHP / ISOCARP and SCIBE, hosted by the University of Westminster, School of Architecture and the Built Environment in September 2012. It aims to bring together postgraduate students, emerging and experienced academics and young and established design and planning professionals from all over Europe (and further away) to develop a better understanding of some of the most pressing contemporary issues related to the built environment and to amplify and strengthen the links between planning- and design-relevant research and professional practice.

Application Tutors
Experienced professionals and academics can apply to teach and tutor at the 3rd European Urban Summer School, ‘Times of Scarcity – reclaiming the possibility of making’. The organisers will cover the costs of travel and
accommodation for those travelling from outside of London. Prospective tutors can apply by submitting their CV and a short outline of a lecture or workshop around planning, design or research that they could offer at the EUSS to scarcetimeseuss@gmail.com with ‘Tutor Application’ in the subject title. The electronic application process will close on 1 July 2012 and selected tutors will be notified by 1 August 2012.

Application Participants
Prospective participants – Young Planning Professionals* – can apply to the 3rd European Urban Summer School by submitting their response to the following task:

Identify one instance of ‘scarcity’ in the context of the built environment and propose a physical or process-related response.

Issues and responses may be presented as text, drawings, photographs, videos or in any other desired form. The electronic application process (via email to scarcetimeseuss@gmail.com with ‘Participant Application’ in the
subject heading) will close on 31 May 2012. The selected participants will be notified by 30 June 2012. The participation fee of 200£, non-refundable and payable upon registration by 31 July 2012, will cover teaching and teaching materials (not travel or accommodation).

* A Young Planning Professional is any person involved in planning with less than 5 years of professional experience.

International Award for Young Planning Professionals 2012
The Directorate responsible for planning at the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment (I&M) is encouraging young planning professionals to provide new ideas on the forms, methods and possibilities in spatial planning needed to face present-day challenges facing our human settlements. It is therefore using the European Urban Summer School (EUSS) as the main forum to organise an International Young Planning Professionals Award (YPPA), giving them the opportunity to present their proposals on planning methods, explaining why these ideas can be considered innovative and of a broader, more general application. The competition aims to promote innovative ideas on spatial planning in Europe and arouse thinking on the role of the urban planner in time of rapid urban transformation in economic, demographic and political terms. The theme of the competition will be decided year by year by the promoter institutions.

The theme of the YPPA in 2012 is ‘Adaptive cities: new ideas for action. Trends, perspectives and challenges of spatial development in a phase of de-growth and decline in Europe’.
Please visit htt p://goo.gl/pyBA 5 for full information and details.

Important Dates
31 May 2012: Application deadline
15 June 2012: Notification of selected participants
31 July 2012: Final registration deadline (incl. payment of registration fee)
21-30 September 2012: 3rd European Urban Summer School

Please write to Dr Deljana Iossifova at scarcetimeseuss@gmail.com with ‘Question’ in the subject line.