Conference, CfP Within th Limits of Scarcity: Rethinking Space, City and Practices. University of Westminster, London. 27.2.-1.3.2013. Deadline: 1.11.2012

WITHIN THE LIMITS OF SCARCITY Rethinking Space, City and Practices 27th February – 1st March 2013 University of Westminster, London submissions of abstracts until 1st November 2012 to: Notification of acceptance: 21st of November 2012 Paper submission: 15th January 2013 CfP (pdf) Scarcity is often considered as a fundamental condition of human societies. On […]

RESEARCH PROJECT: SCIBE Scarcity and Creativity in the Built Environment – A Research Project funded by HERA SCIBE explores the relationship between scarcity and creativity in the context of the built environment by investigating how conditions of scarcity might affect the creativity of the different actors involved in the production of architecture and urban design, and how design-led actions might improve the built environment in the future. The research is based […]

3. European Urban Summer School “Times of scarcity: reclaiming the possibility of making”, 21.-30.09.2012. University of Westminster, London, UK. Deadline: 31.05.12

European Urban Summer School 2012 – University of Westminster Link to homepage: Times of scarcity: reclaiming the possibility of making Globalisation, climate change, resource depletion and financial crises are the prevailing – and often crippling – conditions which shape our immediate professional and academic lives and longer-term futures. In our times of rapid change, […]